My Issue and Project Checklist for Jira

This app offers a very easy to use checklist which can be used as a post-it tool to document the small things.

The checklist can be created at the issue level and also at the project level.

The "My Jira Issue and Project Checklist" offers the following basic features:

Add new checklist item to an issue or to a project.

Add text then press enter to store your checklist item. To mark the item as done, just click on it once. To put it back to "open" click on it again.

To add a checklist at the project level, open the project and then the left menu item "Project Checklist"

To add a checklist at the issue level, open the issue and then open the panel "Issue Checklist"

Delete all Checklist Items with one click

Add Emojis to Text to highlight certain tasks