My User Access Manager for Jira Cloud

My User Access Manager for Jira


In Jira Cloud users can be managed only by site-admin or org-admin. To automate the process and make it easy for you and your stakeholders to add or remove users to/from certain groups, we create the "My User Access Manager for Jira".

The app adds 3 new fields in Jira:

  • FlowZess - Affected User

  • FlowZess - Target Group

  • FlowZess - User Management Operation

the app adds a new issue panel called "FlowZess - My User Access Manager" which shows a button to run the operation to add or remove a certain user from/to a certain group.

The idea consists of offering your users a solution to request group changes to certain users using Jira issues.

No worries, only site-admins or org-admins can run operations. Other users can only request running an operation by filling the 3 FlowZess fields.

Use Case:

I am a project admin, and I would like to add my team member "X" to the group "B". Instead of sending my admin an e-mail, I create a ticket in a specific project (should be created and set up by you), fill the data. As site-admin or org-admin, I get notified and I can run the operation and close the ticket. The Reporter (project-admin) or the watchers will get notified.

To use the App you need to have a project which offers your users/stakeholders the possibilities to create requests.

If you don't have a project for Jira support/change requests, we recommend you to create one and avoid managing Jira changes using e-mails and chats.

If you have a project, carry on with the settings.


Go to the project and open the screen related to issue type which can be used by your stakeholders to report user group changes.

Add the following fields:

  • FlowZess - Affected User

  • FlowZess - Target Group

  • FlowZess - User Management Operation

How to use it?


Go to your jira support project and create a request, in the summary you can enter the name of the user.

  • Change the "Affected User" field and select a user to add or remove from a group.

  • Select the group where the user should be added or removed

  • Select the operation (Add or Remove)

Run operation

  • To run the operation, go to Apps shown on the ticket (see screenshots) and click on it. Another issue panel will be added to the issue.

  • Click on "Run Operation".

  • refresh the ticket and verify in the comment, that the operation is sucessful.

Add fields to the Screen

Change the Layout of the fields. You can position the FlowZess field on the top of the other fields to make it easy for your users to fill this information

Filling the fields

Add the issue panel by clicking on the App Icon

Choose an operation

When clicking on Reject Operation, a comment will be automatically generated to inform the stakeholders/watchers.

When Clicking on Run Operation, the operation will be run and a comment will be generated to inform the stakeholders of the operation result